Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fat Book Entry #6: Cowgirls

I had a lot of fun with this one! One of our swap members sent out a great website with all these vintage cowgirl pictures on it. When I saw this one, the old Mae West quote “So many men, so little time...” quickly changed to “So many cowboys, so little rope...” When I showed this to DH, he said, “So were you a little trollop or something when you were younger? The nerve! :-) Don’t you like that word? Trollop? It’s always cracked me up. I kept this design simple because I really wanted to highlight the picture. No faux postage on this one either since I wanted to keep the picture as big as possible. I started by covering my card stock with that fun orange gingham paper. Rather cowgirlish, don’t you think? Then I inked the edges of the photo to make it stand out a little more, placed it on a piece of solid green paper cut with stamp-edged scissors, added a strip of ribbon on one side, my quote on the other, and embellished the rope with little rhinestones. Very sparkly! So far, this one and the Go Go’s Retro entry are my two favorites. Next set of themes are “Snarky Mothers” and “Famous Women”. I’m currently stumped, so send me your suggestions!

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Regina said...

I have "Everyone Loves Raymond" on in the background as I read this & there are 2 snarky mothers on that show - especially Raymond's mother.
Another snarky mother is on the George Lopez show.
Love your pin-up cowgirl. Can't wait to see what comes next.

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

So adorable!!!!!! I love the trims you used and your sentiment!!!
Super cute vixen, I say...

Have fun with your DH's bday! My DH's is today so we have big plans... just finished his card (phew!)... so I can relax now.. gifts were bought ages ago.. It's the cards that always get me stressed!!!!!!!!

And, sure hope you guys are drying up.. Man o' man... what an ordeal!