Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Evening Shopping Spree: Sandi's Shellscapes

Since I’m such an art lover, creator and collector, I’ve been trying to instill the same qualities in my girls. They have a most awesome art bench downstairs adjacent to my workshop and we spend a lot of time down there creating various projects. And I have a laptop in my workshop…that means we sometimes also spend time surfing Etsy for fun finds. I’ll let the girls select what they want to search for and we go from there. This time (as it often is) it was mermaids! And what a find we found! See more of her here. This lovely lady was created by Sandi Johnston of Sandi’s Shellscapes. And she’s just down the road from us in Daytona Beach. Visit Sandi’s Etsy store here. You can also visit her blog here. Great work Sandi!


Karen Faulkner said...

She's fabulous!

shellscapes said...

Thanks so much Kelly for featuring me on your blog - you're awesome! Sandi

cath c said...

that mermaid is gorgeous! i love mermaids, myself.