Raspberries and Cream and Walls Painted Green

Treasury 1-1-09

I’ve been battling yet again the nasty cold that will not die since the beginning of December, so it was nice to see this little pick-me-up treasury on Etsy. Those are my Raspberries and Cream earrings second row middle. Many thanks to opheliamiller for including me! We’ve begun the major house repainting we’ve been planning around here, so in addition to being snot-filled and sneezy, I'm fairly worn out. We’ve finished the master suite in a color officially La Fonda Grassy Knoll and are now getting ready to move on to the great room this weekend. The color we've chosen for that room is called Terra Earth; it's a pale terra cotta color, real warm and pretty. With our very high ceilings and walls, this room will be the biggest challenge! I hope to get back down to the workshop soon to photograph new pieces I haven’t posted yet and start on some new projects for the year. Wish me luck and Happy Monday to you!


Anonymous said...

Those walls WILL be a challenge - GOOD LUCK!


aimee said...

congrats!! your pieces look great!

OMB said...

Your earrings are lovely. I'm sorry the treasury didn't make the front page, they would have sold instantly.
Thanks for mentioning me in your post!!!