While the Paint Dries...

I’ve yet to make it down to my workshop to clean up and get started on those new projects for 2009, but, hey, I have accomplished something! We finished painting the master suite! I think that “colors may appear differently depending on your monitor” warning may apply here, but here’s a look.

This picture shows both the before and after colors. We went from an aqua green to a grass green, which is not quite as dark as it appears here. Yes, we like color; that should come as no surprise to you.

One of mama’s little helpers. The other had given up and was napping when this picture was taken.

The finished room, less hanging art back up.

Okay, so now you see my weakness. Number one, this closet was an absolute pain in the butt to paint, given that we had to take everything out first. Let me just say that you don’t realize how much stuff you have crammed in your closet until you have to take it all out. And number two, yes, I am a shoe fiend. And yes, DH only has one small little corner of the closet. And no, the closet is never this clean.

So what do you do with the leftover paint? Why, let the girls paint their own house, of course! And no, we never have grass in our backyard because we have fiddler crabs. Yes, my friends, fiddler crabs. The DEP would not let us fill and plant grass because we have fiddler crabs… Seriously. Now it’s on to painting the great room!


cath c said...

i confess to closet envy. oh to have a walk-in!

love the color! and i see what you do with your downtime, sick day off sans girls!

Karen Faulkner said...

Pretty color and so kind of you to give the fiddler crabs a protected habitat!

Unknown said...

The closet is awesome! There's just something about a well-organized closet that makes me feel at peace with my life. Crazy, I know. It's giving me a little motivation to go work on my own...but I may need a bit more than "a little" to make that happen. :)

OMB said...

Beautiful color!!!!
Your closet is so nicely organized. You've given me some inspiration for today...I'm going to take on my resolution to de-clutter.

circleinthesand said...

Oh My goodness, I'm in love with your closet!!! Love your new color!