Behind the Camera: RODA WORK?

Seriously!? I couldn’t believe it either. Just one of those moments when I was thankful I carry a camera in my purse. This sign was on the corner of Heckscher and New Berlin. Perhaps it was put up by the same guy I saw driving down I-95 yesterday afternoon, weaving a bit, BECAUSE HE WAS WORKING ON HIS LAPTOP WHILE HE WAS DRIVING! That was a first for me. I’ve seen people putting on make-up, talking on the phone, eating four-course meals, all that stuff…but working on your laptop? Seriously!?

And a follow up to yesterday's dizzy frustrations... As fate would have it, I had one my nastier spins last night. Hadn’t had one of those since July! Sweet little Tink kept me company while I spent about 30 minutes losing my dinner at 3am this morning. Truly not fun. No one seems to be able to figure this out. Oftentimes my milder dizzies and nausea are triggered by motion (I blame all this on the Blair Witch Project movie because that was the first time I ever suffered from motion sickness), but my nastiest, fall down on the floor spins wake me up in the middle of the night. I can only guess that maybe I'm dreaming about something that deals with motion? Who knows. Anyone else have any experience with this? I also learned yesterday afternoon that the second prescription my doc wants me to now take is not covered by my insurance and costs about $400 a month. Needless to say I won’t be taking that. I’m a 29-year-old (in spirit) trapped in a 43-year-old body! :-)


kelly klem said...

Funny AND serious! (spinning at any given moment - especially while sleeping = not so much fun after all). I've heard of a few women beyond 30 suffering from vertigo but you ARE YOUNG for this...I'm guessing you are NOT an alcoholic...I'm 48 and have periodically "walked funny" since I was 35. Whatever we have, it's most likely NOT DEADLY -- and with our STRONG spirits we'll just keep moving forward and enjoy strange SIGNS!

Sandy said...

First thought- roda was an Italian accent :)

RE: dizzy - me too, happens when i turn over too quickly in bed, so now i have a routine of mini steps to get to a sitting position.... Has happened at times when my blood sugar is too high, also.

Karen Faulkner said...

I've seen the working-on-laptop-while-driving once. Scary.
Sorry about the dizziness, hope it goes away as quickly as it came, Kelly!

lori vliegen said...

bless your heart...i can't think of anything worse than dizziness! i hope that you (and your doctors) can find an explanation for it soon; i know it must be the pits when you have one of those spells.

i think that the "roda work" must be a special jacksonville thing...mayor peyton must have cut back on the proofreader positions over in the sign making department! and, oooh girl...LOVE that pearl necklace!! :)

Jennifer Williams said...

Oh bless your heart! I hope the doctors are able to find something to take care of this at a price that's a little more reasonable.

This sign cracked me up! I needed that this morning.