Not Your Grandmother's Pearls

Finally getting around to catching up on some product photography! I have several trays of various pearls and I love pearls, yet I rarely work in pearls! I guess I’m just always drawn to bright colors more, and true pearls don’t have bright colors. I managed to work in a little color in this piece though. The center pendant is actually rose quartz but it blended perfectly with the carnelian and citrine gemstone briolettes I used in the piece. And top-drilled “dancing” pearls make everything fun. I worked this piece up with some aqua chalcedony as well, and it’s just as pretty. How do you like this style? I’m partial to the bow!

Had a dizzy doc appointment this morning and came away very frustrated. This was just a six month follow up after my vestibular rehab therapy (which did nothing but make me dizzier), and while I’m content to just keep things status quo, a few little dizzies here and there but no major spins since July, my doc wants to try one more drug. I’m just not a drug kinda girl, and I expressed this to her. I’d rather be a little dizzy than drugged up, you know what I mean!?! Gives me a valid excuse to be a “dizzy blonde”! :-) But she’s asked me to at least give this six weeks and then if it doesn’t help any further, I can stop taking it and just stick with the mild dose of what she has me on now, which has the lovely side effect of helping me sleep like a baby. Sheesh. Sometimes I think doctors just need to accept that not all things are fixable. That’s about how I feel at this point.


Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Wow!! That piece is gorgeous!!!! I really love it.
I agree with you about the drugs. If you can tolerate your condition without them, its perfectly ok!!!!!

Regina said...

this is FABULOUS! I like the contrast of colors & shapes, but the similar luster throughout gives it a nice sense of unity. Very romantic, too. I'm not a bow person, but I have to admit that it adds a really sweet touch.
I love pearls, too. I was rooting through my stash containers the other night. (I'm actually back to making some jewelry.) I have quite the hoard of pearls. Love buying them. Not so crazy about parting with them.
Well you are inspiring me to get back to work. xo