Off to the Big Apple!

I’m heading to the Big Apple today! 7am flight so I’m probably already there by the time you read this! Going up for the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities Summer Leadership Institute (yeah, sometimes my job really rocks). This is an annual conference and we usually try to make it up there every other year. I’m traveling with my good friend, colleague, and fellow veteran New York City traveler Walter and my other good friend (really, I only have two), colleague and first time New York City visitor Katie, who I think is even more excited than the four students we are also bringing us. And yes, this is yet another of the gazillion vintage postcards that have magically appeared in my mailbox recently. I’ll try to check in from New York! You can read about our last visit here.


lori vliegen said...

i just LOVE new york!! have a great time!! :)

julie king said...

enjoy your trip!!!! eat some deli cheesecake for me!