Bear With Me...

Mama’s got a new toy! My camera collection has now grown to include a fun little Nikon CoolPix P80. Why did I need yet another camera, you ask? Well, because this one takes videos, silly! I admit…my dad bought us a camcorder about three years ago. We’ve used it several times; I think we’ve even filled up two or three cassettes worth of video. However! We have yet to figure out how to get the video off the cassettes and onto something that allows us to actually watch and share the videos on something other than that little camcorder screen (I will fully admit to being technologically challenged). With this little thing, all I have to do is pull that little camera card out and upload the video to my computer just like my regular pictures. It’s Kelly proof! Now, we’ll see if I can actually upload the video to Blogger…cue dramatic music….


Anonymous said...

wow so cute:)
i wonder hows the feeling with older sister:)
i am only daughter:)

OhT_T miss my mom...she's working abroad..
Thanks for sharing

ELLIE said...

the video was wonderful - your daughters are so adorable - just too cute!!!
thanks for sharing it