Girls Night Out at Yes You Canvas

We had a Jacksonville Chi Omega alumnae girls night out Thursday night at Yes You Canvas. I had a great time my first trip, but it's even more fun to do with a group of friends, especially since Aubree brought wine. :-) I’ve decided that either my paintings are really, really bad or David simply likes what I do…because he rarely suggests any changes to me when he’s walking around looking at our progress. I'll choose to believe the latter, right? Mine are definitely big and a bit messy, and I’m discovering that when it comes to painting, I am most definitely not a perfectionist. I think I like the messy look! Here’s my first painting. Our next month's get-together will be a happy hour at The Grape, but I'm thinking we'll be back at YYC soon.


Campbell Jane said...

Very cool! I know someone that lives in Jacksonville & goes to Yes You Canvas! Cowinkydink

lori vliegen said...

great job kelly!! that looks like such a fun place....i'm gonna have to check it out! :)

Anonymous said...

So where did your two flower pieces end up in the Happy SHack!?

I love them both!