Adventure Cats on the Loose

That’s my Tink in that graffiti photo! My assistant Angie created this picture using a cool website called Photofunia. How fun this that? Timely too, considering the weekend my felines had. Savannah disappeared Thursday night, sneaking out through the sliding glass door left open by a friend who was staying with us downstairs. I didn’t see her all day Friday, and then late Friday night I heard terrible screeching and howling outside. I called her and looked all around but couldn’t find her. I left that same door open Friday night, hoping she’d make it back in and, lo and behold, there she was Saturday morning looking frazzled and hungry. Outside next to the driveway, we found big clumps of her fur. Poor girl! Not sure what she got in a fight with, but it wasn’t pretty. Normally, she sleeps on the floor at the foot of my bed, but Saturday night, she slept on my chest all night.

Saturday afternoon, Tink disappeared. Weekends with nice weather, we usually leave the doors open downstairs so both the kids and the dog can go in and out with ease. Apparently Tink snuck out while we weren’t looking (usually Isabelle does a fabulous job keeping her in check). We looked for her the rest of the day Saturday, Saturday night and all day Sunday with no luck. Then as I was cleaning up the dinner dishes last night, I heard her crying and found her on the front porch, also looking frazzled and hungry. She's not quite back to her oldself as she doesn't appear to have come out of the bedroom all day today, not even for dinner. My adventure cats need to learn to stay in the house where they live in the lap of luxury.

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cath c said...

yikes, maybe they have learned.

my babette was an indoor kitty for over a decade. once she escaped from a third floor apt sand broke a foot, another time aother third floor condo, she disappeared for two weeks. now that we're in ahouse, with a fenced yard and pet doors, she lives primarily in or driveway but follows when i walk the dog and occasionally ventures out n the neighborhood, bt always comes home none the worse for wear. of course, she's on the old end of the range, so her adventurous spirit has mellowed.