More Art in the Mail

Did I tell you this is addicting? Here’s my second mail art piece I made last weekend. I did this one on a bubble wrap envelope so it was a little more difficult to work with. Note to self: don’t use bubble wrap envelopes for mail art. :-) I’m working on two more today for a very dear friend who just lost her father this week.

I spent some time at the jewelry bench last night too! I have one of my biggest shows of the year coming up the first weekend in December, Market Days in Tallahassee, and this will be the first time I’ve combined both my jewelry and my photography at that show. My Harvey Collection series was shot just down the road from Tallahassee, so I’m hoping they will attract some interest! Now I just need to get a few more new jewelry designs completed (oh, and I need to matt dozens of square format photos I haven’t gotten around to matting yet…yes, I am the world’s most proficient procrastinator!), and we’ll be good to go. Luckily, I’ll have five days off with the Thanksgiving holiday coming up. I can’t imagine how crazy things would be if I ever decided to include mixed media pieces in my shows!

I also had a great talk with Carmen last night and we are just about ready to release all the info for our retreat! Yippee! We are both so excited. It’s called Art and Dreams Bound with Carmen Torbus, and Carmen has some fantastic things in store for you. Hope some of you can come! This has been such a wonderful experience for me…being able to use my everyday skill set of retreat and conference planning and turning it into an artful experience. Not much difference between art and leadership when it comes down to planning a retreat! We’ve had to move the date to May 21-23 instead of the earlier April date, but everything is coming together wonderfully. I’ll have the info posted shortly!


Anonymous said...

Your mail art is gorgeous. Are you using paint? Inks? Watercolor?

I love the muted, gentle look of the colors against the collage.


Kelly Warren said...

Thanks airy! I actually use all the above based on the piece I'm working on. Here is used inks, applied with my fingertips, to smudge the edges.

Roben-Marie said...

Oh, Kelly! Your mail art pieces are so beautiful...just like a painting! I love seeing your take on it. It IS addictive! Cheers!

Martha Lever said...

Hi Kelly, your mail art pieces are great! And your photos of the old rusty cars in your Etsy shop are fabulous. Did you learn to do that in Susan Tuttles class? They are wonderful. And refresh my memory...did you buy the property?? And is that where the Carmen retreat will be?? And again...where is it??? Sounds like FUN!!

audreyscountrycrafts said...

That has to bee the most beautiful bubble envelope ever!!
Your retreat sounds like it should be a lot of fun! Told Hubby I wanted to come, he just gave me "the look". Well - it would be a 3 day drive for me.
Can't wait till your blog for the retreat is done so I can check it out.