Playing Catch Up

Cleaning up my mess of a studio today, I found several requests I’ve been needing to get too. One was a mother’s bracelet that needed to be reworked and another name added, and the second were these earrings. Ms. Lily’s probably forgotten all about them by now! Her request was completely buried in a basket the girls had filled with their stuff (everyone’s stuff ends up in my studio). Ms. Lily purchased these from me at the Bartow Blooming Arts Festival in March 2008 and lost one last Fall (yes, that would be Fall 2008). She mailed the orphan back to me and asked if I could make it a pair again. Well, better late than never, I guess. They are finally on their way. The stones on the bottom are aquamarine, topped with clusters of khaki and lt. Colorado topaz Swarovski crystals with 14K gold-filled findings. Since I’ve been working on so many varied art forms here lately, my studio is in a constant state of undo! Sorry for the glare; getting a little late in the afternoon to be taking pictures! Now if I could just find my special little packaging box….


DRK said...

I love the stuff I find when I clean up!! It's like getting presents

lori vliegen said...

what gorgeous earrings, kelly! ms. lily will be thrilled to see these in her mailbox!! :))