Winding Down with Spill It!

In the spirit of full disclosure, here’s the last of what I’ve done with my two Spill It! canvases for Carmen’s class, at least for the transfer technique. The house came out better than the flower, but safe to say both of them will be collaged over for other projects. (First look at the house here.) I added some paint around the edges and a few more dabs here and there on the house, but there really was no hope for my flowers! I’ve been trying to figure out what went wrong here, and best I can tell, I, um we, scrubbed too much and got all the way back down to the canvas, which you can really see on the left side (below). I say “we” because I let Sarah and Olivia have their way with rubbing the paper off this one.

So what would I have done differently? First, I wouldn’t have tackled such a large canvas (11 x 14) for my first efforts. Smaller probably would have been better in this case. Second, I wouldn’t have had my friend Melissa, who owns a print shop, print the photo copies for me. I neglected to tell her what I was doing so she printed them out on nice, high quality glossy paper, assuming I was going to use them as they were…as photographs! When I asked Carmen about this, she agreed that the higher quality paper probably did make the rubbing off more difficult. Overall though, I learned a ton and Carmen is incredibly encouraging. I learned that I love making backgrounds the way Carmen demonstrated (here) and that I’m not crazy about image transfers. Still working through the basic collage and drip writing lessons so I’ll share those with you soon.


Gina Lee Kim said...

Dearest Kelly, I'm not crazy about transfers either. Been there. Done that. (ha) BUT look at your backgrounds! I love them. Is turquoise your fav color too? Have a great day! Hugs,

tami said...

Kelly, I think they turned out great!(especially since you used photo paper!) I love the building with the green. I too struggle with transfers. I don't have the nerve to post those : )

granmamimi said...

Kelly I find this technique you teach a class on learing how to do this?

Kelly Warren said...

thanks all!

mimi, carmen torbus teaches this class online. visit not sure when she is teaching it again but she does a wonderful job!

ana said...

they are wonderful! what an awesome technique, i must try it one day...but beautiful work :D

Jennifer Williams said...

I've been playing over and over with taking this class. Not sure the pocketbook can afford it at the moment.

The artwork I've seen come out of it is wonderful and yours is no exception! Great work!