Sunday, April 4, 2010

Picture Spring...

I’m taking an online photography class from Shutter Sisters’ Tracey Clark. It’s for the month of April, and each morning we are given a prompt to shoot. Here are my first three prompts.

Day 1’s prompt was “Beginnings.” I’ve been wanting to photograph my next door neighbor’s pear blossom tree every since it started to bloom last week. It’s really gorgeous, and it definitely shouts “Spring has sprung!” I also played around with a couple new Photoshop tricks I discovered with this one.

Day 2’s prompt was “Good Morning Sunshine.” So yes, my mornings can be a bit bizarre. She asked, so there you have it: a mass grouping of naked and half naked Barbies raising their arms in praise. They were sitting in the corner near the kitchen table, joining us for breakfast. I cannot make these things up.

So to have a nicer take on Good Morning Sunshine, here’s my sweet Tink lounging on my bed, basking in the morning light coming through the window.

Day 3’s prompt was “Step Into Spring,” for which the instructions called for picking up your camera, taking 30 steps and shooting what you see there. My camera was on my desk upstairs, so I counted my steps down the stairs and into the living room and ended up next to the coffee table, littered with the fairies the girls and I had made the day before. They were playing checkers.

For another take on those 30 steps, I went back upstairs and counted again, this time going out my front door. Viola! My front porch bench. Funny story behind this bench. I was over in St. George about five years ago when I stumbled across this bench in the dressing room of a little boutique. It didn’t have a price tag on it, but I had to have it. I made the store owner an offer and took it home. Pretty fabulous, don’t you think? I played around with lighting effects here too. This is an effect called “2 o’clock shadow.” I found it under “render” and “lighting effects.”

Today is the Lord’s day here in our home. If you are the Easter celebrating sort, I hope you have a most glorious day of celebration. Easter Sunday here brings a family reunion of sorts down at the lake house in Keystone with tons of DH’s cousins and a big Easter egg hunt. I shared last year's event with you here. I hope you enjoy the day no matter how you may celebrate it.


Karen Faulkner said...

God Bless and Happy Easter! Love the Tink photo.

Pen and Paperie said...

Spring! I love all the photos, especially the first of the pear blossoms and the barbies!

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear more about that class when you are finished. I have often thought about taking an online photography course, but I haven't yet. Maybe this summer.

Love the pics and happy Easter!

Squidart Photography

ana said...

that first photo is wonderful! lovely post.