Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Treasury Shout Out--Grandma's Jewelry

8-3-10 kellywarrenphotoart
Been a while since I've remembered to do this, so I need to get back in the habit of my Tuesday Treasury Shout Outs! A big shout out to Grandma's Jewelry for including my sweet Isabelle in this very fun furry friend treasury. See Izzy down there bottom left? Pop in and see Anna at Grandma's Jewelry. Birthday party update coming tomorrow! I'm still recovering from having eight seven-year-olds at my house for 18 hours! :-)


Gina Lee Kim said...

8 seven year olds? for 18 hours?
God bless you...

Cute photo of Isabelle!

ana said...


Anonymous said...

I second that, Gina! Now I know why my mom was always so grouchy after slumber parties. Who wouldn't be after spending a long amount of time with little girls' voices that can't help but shriek loudly?!?!

At least Isabelle is adorable and quiet in the photo!!