Thursday, October 7, 2010

Taking a Ride with Kellie Pickler

My dad came up this past weekend in his shiny new Corvette. He’s been itching for a new toy and had been trying to decide between a Chevy SSR and a Saturn Sky. So he got a 2002 Corvette. :-) I thought it was an excellent choice, with its Florida State Seminole garnet and gold vibe, though I’m partial to old school convertible Mustangs.

So the funny story behind this picture... Dad took the girls for a ride and had his favorite CD. He asked the girls, “Have you ever heard your Mom sing?” (So yes, I’ve recorded a CD, all covers, long story I first talked about here.) Of course, the girls did not believe it was me. Sarah said something like, “That’s not Mama. That’s Kellie Pickler, Granddad. I know Kellie Pickler when I hear her, Granddad. Livvie, tell Granddad that’s Kellie Pickler.” “Granddad, Sarah said that’s Kellie Pickler. Do you know who Kellie Pickler is?” said Livvie.

Granddad tried to convince them, but to no avail. When they got back, Dad told me to take the girls for a spin, and “By the way, I have your CD in. They think you’re Kellie Pickler.” And by the way, I just WISH I could sing like Kellie Pickler.

So I hopped in the ‘Vette with the girls and Kellie Pickler. When I asked them if they thought that was me, they both replied, “No, Mom [rolling their eyes], that’s Kellie Pickler.” So, I just grinned and picked out a song in which my voice sounded closest to my speaking voice as possible and then sang along with it. Livvie looked at me like I had morphed into an alien, but she was convinced after one song. Sarah still wasn’t convinced by the time we got back to the house, so the Granddad pulled the CD cover out of the trunk and showed it to her. I think she is finally now convinced. And Olivia now likes to sing B.F.D.

I uploaded four of the songs here: B.F.D. originally by Kathy Mattea, Bringing Out the Elvis by Faith Hill, Fever by Peggy Lee, and Nobody Love, Nobody Gets Hurts by Susy Bogguss. Be kind. I’m not Kellie Pickler.


cath c said...


hooray for you, cd woman! what creative endeavor DON'T you do? ;)

Sharon said...

Love seeing your dad and the girls in his spiffy new car. And, wow, love your singing.

Gwynnie B said...

Kelly, you amaze me! Of course you can sing AND have a CD!!! You're such the groovy chick :) Especially in a hot red Corvette...

I'm so happy to hear your show went well. Gotta' love a good show! I'm hoping Etsy will be good to me, now that I officially joined the dark side. I'm afraid I'll be in the same position you are: spending more than selling!!

Hope all your kitties are frisky and enjoying the cooler weather.


Kelly Warren said...

thanks ladies! cath, you know me well enough by now to know that i'll never be able to concetrate on one thing for very long! ;-)

Regina said...

This is SO COOL!!!
I'm also a singer & I "get" the self-consciousness in front of family. It's so annoying. But after several years of singing with my church's praise band, I'm making progress.
I've passed on a blog award to you that you can pick up here