Friday, November 19, 2010

A Little Bird Told Me

Cute little owl, huh? She’s coming to roost with me from a lovely artist named Michele who lives in New Zealand. I found her through the Brave Girls Club. Ever get one of those “knock you up the side of the head” moments? Those moments where you hear exactly what you need to hear right at the exact moment you need to hear it? Whether you knew you needed to hear it or not and completely out of the blue? I had one of those moments yesterday. Every day I receive the daily “a little bird told me…your daily truth from the brave girls club” email. They are always full of wonderful inspiration. But the one I received yesterday could not have been more dead-on in reflecting what I am currently experiencing in my life.

“Dear Important Girl,

We often don't realize it...but sometimes we find ourselves giving all of our best energy to the very things that we don't want. We do this in lots of obsessing about things because we wish we could overcome not forgiving things that have hurt continuing to do things that we know are not right for us because of guilt or shame or expectations....or even fear. Sometimes we have just done the same thing for so long, that it has become a habit, and even though we don't want to give any more of our time or our life to it, we just keep doing it anyway. Sometimes we feel trapped, like there is not a better way, like our choices are gone. We always, always, always have the ability to choose.

There are lots of reasons that we waste minutes and hours of our precious day doing things that STEAL OUR TIME FROM THE THINGS THAT WE WANT THE MOST...from the places where we are truly needed...the places where we will find the most happiness...the places where we belong.

And that is how we must view it, sweet friend.....each minute we spend lending ourselves, our time or talents or energy or thoughts to something that we really want nothing to do with is time that is stolen from the things that really do matter to us. Each minute spent with the parts of our life that we want to be free from is a minute that we are not at peace....a minute that is spent feeling miserable instead of joyful.

Please evaluate your time, lovely. Evaluate where you are giving your very best self. Evaluate what it will take to get back on track. It is worth the work, it is worth the scary steps that it may take to get there. You gotta be in charge of one can do this for you. You are so important...and you have such important things to do. You are strong, capable and it is time. xoxo”

How 'bout that?  Certainly reflects my "happiness is a choice" motto, doesn't it?  Sometimes I even have to remind myself of that.  I read this note yesterday afternoon about 2pm, which was about two hours after I had finished a long conversation with a very trusted friend. Suffice it to say it was that knock on the head, and I know where I’m going now. Sometimes change is simply very necessary. And, no worries! DH and the girls and I are fine! And now that I’ve had my knock on the head, things are going to get even better. How about you? Have you had any knocks on the head lately? Do you need one? Go sign up for the Brave Girls Club daily truth.


cath c said...

sounds like the knock on the head knock a little sense into you after a difficult time. ;)

hope this bodes very well for you and your family, i'm sure it will.

Kelly Warren said...

thanks cath. sometimes you just need someone to remind you that you are making the right decision. :-)

catina jane said...

hey there! thanks for visiting my blog! so your in jax too? yay!

Becky Shander said...

Good luck with going with your gut. I'm happy for yoy...that you decided to make a postive change. And I'll keep this post in mind since I'm sure there are some changes I could make as well...thanks for sharing this reminder.

chrissy said... are the one who bought this little guy shortly after he was listed in michele.s shop! i wanted him! but...i am SOOO happy that he is coming to live with you! and the girls! sounds like your daily truth was PERFECTLY sent straight to you! kathy wilkins...the one who writes those truths is one of theee most amazing women you will ever meet. SO wonderful. like you! i hope you get to breath her in sometime.
so happy you got a bit of BRAVE GIRL love when you needed it!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I just got a good ol' knock on my head after reading this post, Kelly. I'm so happy you shared it!

I believe the answers are within us and around us, it's just a matter of timing and when we're ready to receive that answer. Or have an Aha moment.

(and I'm super excited too about AAJ and can't believe it's just a few months away!! Can't wait to see you!)