Monday, November 15, 2010

What Shall You Do?

This little scrap of spelling list has been floating around the house for months. I find it here and there, and for some reason, I’ve just never thrown it away. Today I was thinking about everything that I have on my plate on right now, and when I came home, I saw this on the floor in the bedroom. Shall.

Sometimes things get so crazy that we lose track of all the things we said we shall do. The kids get sick (Olivia). You get sick (me). The cat goes on the lam again (Tink). You become over-committed, oftentimes because of things you cannot control (me, work). You stay sick because you’re over-committed (me, still). You follow through on obligations you make because you committed that you shall do them (me, participating in the Halifax Arts Festival even though I was still sick). You work one very demanding full-time job, one part-time job and try to manage a creative business, for a reason (you, um, I, want the part-time job to become the full-time job so I can have more time with my family and more time for creativity). So you keep going. You keep plugging along. What shall you do to pull all this together?

Kathy, Kelly, Coleen, and me
Today, I shall try to remember that all things will fall into place where they shall, in their due time, as the Man above plans. And I shall be thankful that I got to get away for a brief 24 hours to reunite with my sorority sisters Saturday (45 of us), antibiotics and cough drops in hand (and a few beers to help battle the germs). And I shall decide that those custom orders can wait just a little while longer, and that will be okay. And I shall decide that I’ll get to my blog when I get to my blog, which obviously hasn’t been very often lately. And I shall sit on the couch and cuddle with my girls while watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and then lie in the bed and snuggle with DH while watching Antiques Roadshow. And I shall try not to worry about all those things I’ve been losing track of. And I shall take a deep breath and decide that everything will be just fine. It certainly shall.  What shall you do today?

Shelley, Kim, me, and SaraBeth


chrissy said...

now i am in love with the word...SHALL. what a wonderful floating surprise in your home. so happy that you were able to get out and have fun amidst the germs.
sending you hugs.
{p.s. what sorority were you in? i was a kappa kappa gamma at the University of Utah.}

Karen Faulkner said...

I shall do my best to remember this week that right now, things are working out exactly as they are supposed to.

cath c said...

thanks, kelly, i needed that as much as you do about now....((hugs))