Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Artful Journey 2011: Do-Si-Do!

I never realized there were so many different book forms until I attended this retreat. And I also never realized that some of the simpler forms were just that: very simple, but still very fun. This little gal is called a Do-Si-Do. Any time any of us needed Albie’s help and she couldn’t get to us right then, she said, “Have you made a Do-Si-Do yet?” Meaning, go make yourself a simple little Do-Si-Do while you’re waiting. And given that my most favorite Girl Scout cookie is the Do-Si-Do, well, you know I had to make one!

These required no instructions, just a quick study of Ablie’s Do-Si-Do sample. This again started with one 12” x 18” sheet of painted paste paper, and from there it was really simple. I folded the paper in half longways, making it 6” x 18”, and then used a glue stick to glue the two 6” sides together. I then folded that down to 6” x 9”  and then folded each side again, down to an accordian like shape with 6” x 4.5” sections. From there it was just measuring and cutting the signatures and sewing them in with a simple pamphlet stitch. Viola! A cute little Do-Si-Do! I can see making these as fun little gifts; once the paste paper is painted, they are super duper easy to put together and seem to be a good way to use up scraps of good paper. Up next, my Noble stitch books!

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peggy gatto said...

thank you for sharing!!!
Love the patterns!!!!