Project 365: January 12-17

1-12-12 Heart Leaf
January 12: In January, in Florida, some leaves are just now turning. This was in the parking lot at school.

1-13-12b Crossing Paths
January 13: Ever wonder just how close those planes come to each other in the sky? Kinda freaky sometimes, isn't it?

1-13-12 Awesomeness
January 13 bonus: A Daily Dose of Awesomeness shot.

1-14-12 Sunset
January 14: Sunset from our back deck. I wanted to capture that one lone star top center along with the colors in the sky.

1-15-12 Cookie Monster
January 15: Baking cookies with Olivia, the Cookie Monster

1-16-12 Sunny Oranges
January 16: Yummy navel oranges, irresistible.

1-17-12 Pinecones
January 17: Morning pinecones, caught just before we hopped in the car headed for school.

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Kate said...

Your pictures are great and your daughters are adorable!

Lisa Graham said...

Your girls look like they give you lots of laughs and love! Your photos are great! And there's leaves turning now????? Where on earth do you live? I will go investigate, because I'm curious where leaves turn in Jan!

Kelly Warren said...

Thanks for stopping in Kate!

Lisa, we are in Jacksonville, Florida. We have many trees whose leaves never turn so having a few that do is a gift!