Sketchbook Project Fun Journal: Day 19

Day 19

Happy Monday! One more page in my Sketchbook Project Fun Journal. The center rectangle of this is actually a baby wipe.  I use baby wipes to wipe my hands and stencils and such when I'm playing with other projects and straighten them out and save them if they have some pretty color in them. Funny that you can see the little bear face imprint just a little right of center!  I learned with this page though that the baby wipes are difficult to write on, so I kept it short and sweet, using a Sharpie paint pen. Before adding the baby wipe, I just smeared some paint around on the spread and then after gluing down the baby wipe, added some stenciling and some flower punches and some outlining.

We had a nice weekend around here. I had Friday off with the girls, so we played most of the day.  Saturday morning, I headed up to Fernandina to meet with my book arts group.  We practiced more long stitch patterns and worked on coptic a little more. I'm definitely hooked!  Sunday, we loaded the bikes on the back of the Trooper and headed over to the park to ride.  The girls took their first spin around the skate park and did very well!  I can't believe I didn't have my camera with me!  Next weekend...  

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Martha Lever said...

Love this page and how you used a baby wipe! Cool! I saw you in the picture on Eliza's blog. I know that was so much fun. Eliza is a very gifted lettering artist and such a good teacher. I know you had fun!