I Have a Songwriter on my Hands...

Walkin Across

I have a knack for song lyrics.  I can hear a song once, and then the next time I hear it, I can pretty much sing along with the whole song.  Being the family chauffeur, I've noticed that Sarah has this same gift.  I hear her singing in the back seat behind me all the time. Now the funny thing about this is that not only can she sing the kind of music I primarily listen to (country and lite rock), but she can also sing the current bubble-gum pop she hears at school and her father's hard and classic rock.  (Picture a cute little red-headed eight-year-old singing AC/DC's Hell's Bells!)

I've recently discovered that as she's been assimilating all these lyrics, she's also been absorbing the flow of song lyrics and how to put a song together. And, TA DA!, she's written her first song!  She sprung it on me recently.  It's not completely finished yet (I'm still teaching her the benefit of a "bridge"), but she's well on her way.  Here's her first verse of "Walkin' Across."  (Warning: If this Mama sees these words stolen by anyone, she will hunt you down and shoot you BEFORE she hires a lawyer to sue you. And then she will feed your dead body to Bigfoot.  I hear he's been spotted quite a bit recently in NY. :-)

I'm walkin' across the bridge
I'm walkin' across the sky
I'm walkin' across your heart
Now can't you see me fly. 
I'm walkin' across your soul
I'm walkin' across the seasons
I'm walkin' across everything
Can't you feel me breathing. 

Taylor Swift may soon be seeing Sarah in her rear-view mirror.


Becky Shander said...

Wow, such deep words from your little gal. I'd love to hear these lyrics mingled with music.

Unknown said...

Ah!! So awesome! And such fantastic lyrics!!

This post made me so happy. I'm a lover of song lyrics, and I'm happy to say my 6 year old is the same - unlike you, though, I can never remember a single lyric (that is probably Mother Nature's way of sparing the world, since I also can't keep a tune...) - luckily it seems my kiddo takes after my singer hubs, who remembers lyrics like you do :)

dayleanne said...

Thats beautiful! There is nothing better than singing at the top of your lungs with your kid-o in the car. I have your same talent of knowing songs by heart - I blow my 11 year old daughters mind when a old 80's/90's song comes on and I sing all the words. I cant tell if she is totally embarrassed or extremely impressed.
What a wonderful gift to share music with your child - your right watch out Taylor :-)

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet kelly, your little one is so talented! I love her first song and such beautiful words coming from such a young talented soul! Thanks so much for sharing for it made me smile! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

angie fraley said...

Umm....wow! Those are fantastic words! I love seeing the kid handwriting....so endearing. I have an 8 year old myself.

dandelion dreamer said...

so beautiful! Treasure that scrap of paper and make it into a scrapbook for her with lots of others :)

kerri said...

ROCK IT, sarah! ;) a songwriter in the making. i wished we lived close and we'd have to do a co-write!