Getting Ready for Spring!

Ariel Apatite, Crazy Lace Agate, Crystal and Sterling Bracelet

Happy Monday! Well, actually it's already been pretty darn spring-like here in North Florida!  The weather's been beautiful!  I've been taking a break from jewelry design the past couple of months to play with book arts and art journaling, but it's time to spend some more time at my jewelry bench again (I finished this Springy beauty recently).  My first spring arts festival is just three weeks away! I don't usually start up again until late March, but this year, I finally have the opportunity to participate in the New Smyrna Beach 50th Annual Arts Fiesta. New Smyrna Beach, just south of Daytona, is a great arts town! Every year, I've looking longingly at this show, but up until this year, it's conflicted with our annual student government conference. This year, our SGA schedule changed and the Fiesta dates moved back a weekend to February 25-26, so I applied, and yippee, received my acceptance letter early last week.

Last night as I was trying to find a hotel room, a sneaky little piece of reality called the Daytona 500 smacked me upside the head.  It's the same weekend! Those of you in Florida or even remotely interested in NASCAR know what that means: about 200,000 people descending upon the Daytona area. I couldn't find a hotel room within a 100-mile radius for less than $200 a night! Thankfully a sweet art friend who lives in Port Orange, just a skip away from New Smyrna Beach, came to my rescue.  Now to get busy creating new work! 


Karen Faulkner said...

Love the new bracelet!

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet kelly, your new spring bracelet is just gorgeous! I can't wait to have a peek at your spring collection! All the best in your first show!! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!