A Little Time to Create a Bloom


Happy Monday. I haven't had much time for creativity lately, so when I found a few minutes to play around with this little dogwood blossom last night, I was so happy that I picked just the right texture for her at just the right blend, at just the right opacity, all on the first try. That's very unusual for me! What should I name her?

I was scheduled for the New Smyrna Beach Arts Fiesta this past weekend but ended up having to cancel on Friday afternoon. As those of you in the States know, our weather has been a little crazy this past week, and the off again on again showers and fronts really did a number on my dizzies all week. Between that and the wind and weather forecast, I decided it was just better for me to stay home. I must find a new assistant (Whitney, I really, really miss you traveling with me!). Having someone come along makes shows so much easier and so much more fun. Doing them on your own is truly quite the task.

I'm still striving to find that elusive balance that will work for me. I've been overwhelmed at work, with extra responsibility it seems coming daily, so that by the time I get home, I'm truly exhausted. I spend a little time with the girls and the husband and then all I have left in me is a hot bubble bath with a book before hitting the hay. I miss my creative time, and hope that things will lighten up again soon. I love my photography, but I miss the textural feel of paint and paper and beads and wire running through my hands.

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