Project 101010 Day 10 ~ Little Old Me!

This is the picture I've been using as my "headshot" on the 101010 Project participants' blogs.  I first shared it with you, and my thoughts behind it, here when I talked about the importance of not taking yourself too seriously.  What led up to this picture speaks perfectly to my perspective on "The Balance Question: What does it mean to you and how is it working for you?" 

I’ve enjoyed reading everyone else’s response to this question, and it’s further affirmed my belief that there is no such thing as balance.  Our days ebb and flow based on what’s currently most important.  That desire to work on a new jewelry piece can quickly be pushed aside by a child with a scraped knee, the book that you wanted to work on can be pushed aside by a hug from a sweet little girl who wants to snuggle on the couch for a little while, and those photos you’ve been needing to edit can quickly be sidetracked by the latest dance routine presented to you right next to your desk.  Add a full-time job, a very sick cat, and knee surgery to that mix, and balance goes out the window.  

So for me, some days things just “work.”  Other says they just don’t, and that's okay.  I’ve often heard people say that they haven’t been able to work on their art because “life just gets in the way.”  I tend to look at the reverse of that.  Those every day “life” moments are the most important parts of our journey.  I think when we make the most of those precious moments, the art will come in its time and on its schedule.  It's taken me a while to accept that, and I'm sure it's a far different type of life balancing act that those who work at their art full-time juggle, but realizing that those everyday moments are the most important piece of any given day has brought me a focus and a peace that was missing.

At the end of one of my all-time favorite movies, Field of Dreams, James Earl Jones as Terrance Mann says, "People will come, Ray.  People will most definitely come."  That's how I feel about my art and my time to do it and finding that mysterious, non-existent balance.  "Time will come, Kelly.  Time will most definitely come..." And when it does, I'll grab it.  But for now, I'll take whatever little snippets I can take while enjoying what's number one on my list, my family, because Lord knows, the day will soon come when my girls will be teenagers and think they are far too cool to hang out with Mama.  I'll be back tomorrow with a wrap up of this project and my answers to all the other questions posed on everyone else's blogs.  Hope you come back to see me!    


Stephanie Amos said...

You said everything every artist needs to hear. Thank you Kelly! =)

Lisa Graham said...

I am loving this photo of you Kelly! Looks like you have been having a lot of fun over here. :)

I believe what you wrote, but I do believe in balance...we just have to fight for it each day and there are those days, those moments, where it is out of our the scraped knee. I am okay with that too.