Project 101010 Day 8 ~ Jean Simrose

Joining me today to tackle "The Balance Question: What does it mean to you and how is it working for you?" is the lovely Jean Simrose.

A little bit about Jean:  "I was born and raised in Canada in a very creative family. We were encouraged to work with our hands and pursue creative hobbies. My sisters and I were taught to sew, knit and crochet at a young age. I liked to design clothes and jewelry to go with them.
My careers were varied and diverse. I was a hairdresser. I worked as an administrative assistant for an oil company while my two sons were growing up. After they moved out on their own I went back to university and became a social worker. I worked with people with disabilities and mental illnesses for many years. Art and crafts became therapy and a way to connect with my clients. I facilitated support groups and encouraged my clients’ creativity and skills as well as developing my own.
In 2005 I remarried and moved to the Seattle area. I took a Silversmithing course offered at a local college. I made jewelry as gifts for family and friends and as I learned new techniques my inventory increased. I started my blog and an on-line Etsy shop in 2009. Since then I have enjoyed participating in art and craft fairs in the U.S. and Canada. I love connecting with new people and expanding my knowledge of this very diverse craft. I hope people enjoy my jewelry as much as I enjoy making it."
Etsy shop:
So Jean, how do you handle balance? Working at home is difficult for me because it means separating my home from my business. I have trouble avoiding distractions that seem to take priority over my work. I always vow to be more disciplined in my work and to give it my “all” without feeling that I should be doing something else. My plan is to decide what proportions work for me (50% work, 50% home?) and to make up a schedule to follow. My goals in both my home life and my business are to be more productive and get more projects completed.
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