Just Begin...Spiral Art Journal

Sprial Journal Spread 1

I first started working in this art journal at the beginning of the year, but then, as things so often do in my world!, it fell to the wayside.  I picked it back up recently and reworked the first couple of pages.  This the first spread. Not sure why I kept the date the same as when I first started the page, but what the heck.  Not sure if I like working in this spiral format, but I'll see if I can fill this one up by the end of the year.  It's a Strathmore 6 x 9 mixed media visual journal. I do like the paper as it holds up to a lot of punishment!  And I've been in a bit of a panic because I can't find my 2011 Fun Journal!  I'm sure it's buried in my mess of a studio somewhere.  Am I the only one who is always losing things and then finding them months (or, um, years) later? 

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Anonymous said...

Seeing the circles makes me think thoughts of wholeness...it looks like you're off to a healthy start!