Furry Face of the Week: Meet Roscoe!

Roscoe, terrier mix

Meet Roscoe, my furry face of the week! Roscoe is a sweet terrier mix was who adopted shortly after I photographed him, but I wanted to share this picture. Doesn't it look like he's trying to convey something VERY important to you?

I'm loving my Friday mornings at the shelter, and now that Fall term has started and my summer Fridays off are over, I'm having to get creative with my photography schedule.  So far I've earned enough flex time during the week to keep up on Friday mornings, but we'll see!  I may soon have to come on the weekends.  We just got a grant at the shelter that allowed us to set up a new indoor photo studio. We have all sorts of fun backdrops and props!  I haven't shot in there yet as I'm still thinking about how I'll get a 70 lb pitt bull mix to sit on a couch and wear a boa.  Any suggestions welcome!

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Lisa Graham said...

What a cute little guy. And it looks like you had some fun in Chattanooga.