Let It Be...

Let It Be

Sometimes you just have to let it be...like this sweet little rose growing in my next door neighbor's garden peeking through the fence to say hello to me. Someone very special to me is going through a particularly tough time in her life, and her personal struggles have reminded me to keep things in perspective. As my husband will often say to someone who's whining about something that really doesn't matter, "How's your Mama doin'?" Since neither he nor I have our Mamas here with us anymore, that's his way of reminding that person that what he's dealing with is pretty minor in the big scheme of things.

But my sweet girl is working through one of those really big things. I'm holding her close to my heart and cherishing the fact that she has enough faith in me to unburden her deepest struggles on me. I love her dearly and hope that she, too, can find a way to just...let it be...and find the value in her wonderful, sweet, amazing self once again.


Cliodana said...

this picture is just amazing... made my read your post and feeling so ... have to say mixed up! Youre right too many times we are angry with life for so unmatters things. Hope your little girls will be OK. By the way, red that you're a mother of twin, so must be very hard on of her have rought time.. i can understand i'm a mother of 3years old triplets boys.

on day at a time, take the roses as a little smile for you!
nice day

Kelly Warren said...

Thanks for stopping in Cliodana! Thankfully it's neither of my twin girls who are currently strugging but rather another young lady who I'm very close to.

Wow, triplet boys! I can only imagine how crazy your world is!

cath c said...

lovely photo and you're a great friend to the one who is struggling. good luck to her.