Sketchbook Project Fun Journal: Spread 22

Fun Journal 22

Here's spread 22 in the old Sketchbook Project Fun Journal. This is one of those, "if you don't like it, just cover it up" pages. I use deli papers under my journal to capture stray spray paint and inks, and I save those because some of them make great little works of art themselves! This page initially started with one of those deli sheets. It had the most beautiful blend of blues, purples, grays and greens. And then I promptly went overboard and screwed it up! I had cut out various circle shapes and glued them all over the page, doodling dots and lines around them, and then all of the sudden....I hated it! It was just too much! (Not that I have any sense of subtlety in me whatsoever anyway...).

So I started trying to pull up the circles without pulling up the deli wrap, but alas, Mod Podge is some strong stuff. So in the background of this, you see remnants of the circles I painted over. Then I was somewhat happy with just the painted over circles when I went butterfly crazy. Oh well! Here you have it! Butterfly,, fly away... Crazy thing is this page has gotten more views on Flickr than anything I've uploaded in a while! Oh course, they could be taking a closer look because they wanted to see what sort of train wreck occured here, but I'll choose to think they liked it. :-)

You can see other pages in this journal is this Flickr set.


Unknown said...

How cute!!! And so fun - I always love your sketchbook pages!!

Melody said...

The sketchbook pages are always great.