Monday, October 1, 2012

Furry Face of the Week: Tucker and Tips on Adoption

Tucker, American Bulldog Mix

Meet Tucker! Tucker is actually a long timer at the shelter, and today I wanted to share some information about why that might be, and hopefully educate you on what it's like to be an adoptable shelter dog.  So, I'll let Tucker do the talking....

"Hi! I'm Tucker! I'm an American Bulldog mix, and I am full of energy. Let me tell you a little about what happens on the run. They do take awesome care of us here at ACPS, but even with that great treatment, we don't want to be here! We want to be in a forever home with you! So when you're walking down the run checking us all out, we kinda look a little crazy, don't we? Yeah, we know that, but we can't help it! We are so excited to see you and so hopeful that you might pick us to be your new furry friend that we are jumping up and down with excitement saying "Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!" Now me, well, let me tell you. I can jump. I mean I can really jump high. So when you walk by my kennel, I'll be jumping so high that you might think, "Oh my, that dog has way too much energy for me..." Please don't think that! Just give me a chance! Once you get me outside where I can run around, I settle down and just love to play! I love to chase tennis balls and bring them back to you to throw for me again. And I can almost catch them in mid air! I'm getting there! So the next time you are walking through the kennel run, please remember that the reason we are looking so crazy and are barking so loudly is that we are so happy to see you!"


Thanks Tucker! I'll add to your story a bit. Tucker makes a great point here. It's so important not to judge shelter dogs by how they act in their kennel. It's so important to get them out of that run and interact with them outside and or in a meet and greet room. That's where you can start to see the true personality of a dog. There are so many wonderful dogs in shelters everywhere. Give them a chance to love you!  Are you in the Northeast Florida area?  Visit Animal Care & Protective Services at 2020 Forest Street in Jacksonville.  Your new best friend will be waiting for you.    


Lisa Graham Art said...

Tucker is a keeper! Hope he finds a home real soon! What a face!

Kelly Warren said...

Thanks Lisa! And good newsy, Tucker has now been adopted!!!!

Melody said...

That is good news. He has such a sweet face.