Furry Face of the Week: Meet Kenzy

Kenzy...Kenzy is also another long timer. This is the second time I've photographed her. She's an Australian Cattle dog/Whippet mix. A little shy but very loving. Gorgeous coat. Photographed 11/2/12.

Meet Kenzy! Kenzy is an Australian Cattle Dog/Whippet mix.  I've photographed her three times now and she's really starting to come out of her shell.  The first day I tried to photograph her, she wouldn't even come near me, much less look at me.  And look at her now!  It's amazing that even though these dogs are in a shelter, they are getting more love than they did wherever they came from.  Kenzy is a sweet heart and a long timer at ACPS, so let's help find her a home.

I missed my usual Friday morning shoot this past Friday since I had to get some time in at the office before I headed down to Tracy Verdugo's Paint Mojo workshop (see post below). It's amazing how much I miss these guys when I miss a week!  They have truly captured my heart.  I only wish I could give them all a home!  More on Tracy's workshop later in the week.  My brain is still processing it!  Amazing learning experience. 

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Melody said...

Look at her coat. Very unique coloring.