Sketchbook Project Fun Journal: Spread 26 and a Special Hello

Fun Journal Spread 26

At long last, here's the final page in my drawn out Sketchbook Project Fun Journal!  I finished this page in late November but just got around to sharing it. The center of this was actually a waste print (proving there is no such thing as a waste print).  I had stenciled the angel wings on another page and then just turned the stencil over onto a random sheet of deli paper to transfer the extra ink.  I liked the way it looked so I set it aside to dry, rediscovered it weeks later and added a bit more to it.  I've art-ed up the covers of this journal as well and will photograph that on a sunnier day to share with you.

This journal has definitely been a learning process.  I can look back to the very first pages (when I actually thought I was going to do a page a day and finish this thing in a month in order to actually send it off to the Sketchbook Project....ha!), and see that I have made tremendous learning gains. It's fun for me to see the progression and how I've definitely loosened up.  The book spans two years, so I hope I would show some growth in two years!  You can go to this Flickr set to see all the pages. 

I wanted to send out a special hello and a thank you today.  The girls and I popped into Zaxby's today for lunch while out running some errands.  A lovely woman named Britta asked me, "Aren't you Kelly from Happy Shack Designs?" When I answered yes, she said, "I read your blog!  I love it!"  Britta, you truly made my day!  Thank you so much!   

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Daisy Yellow said...

A beautiful page, loving the texture and freedom. The quote is cool! Isn't it funny how we underestimate projects?