Spiral Journal Spread 5: Man's Best Friend

Spiral journal 2-17-13

I've been gradually working through this journal...very slowly gradually, that is! Are you as easily distracted as I am? I am so incredibly easily distracted, it's not even funny. Today, I had a goal to get my studio space cleaned up so I could get some new jewelry pieces photographed and maybe even move on to create a few new pieces I've had swirling around in my head for a while. Well, I unburied this journal in my mess and remembered that I'd completed a few more pages I hadn't share yet, so here I am! The studio is still a mess, though it's better than it was yesterday when I got distracted by using the scraps I had on my book table to make two little books, only one of which is finished, and of course, neither are photographed. See, I can even stay on track in one single blog post!

Anywho, I created this page shortly after a group of shelter staff and volunteers gathered at the shelter one early Saturday morning to film our version of the Harlem shake, dogs and cats included! I cut this dog image out of a magazine, but now that I've used my images in my journal I created at An Artful Journey this year, I've love to create a whole journal with my dog photos. Might be fun to include what I think they were thinking when I took their photo! Your can see our Harlem Shake video here.  I'm in the cowboy hat and red boa, Benny's in the red shirt and green beanie cap, and the girls are up on top of the cat kennels shaking the dancing dogs and cats.  We had fun! 

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