Prepping for Springtime Tallahassee

Beach Blues-72

I think my family was a bit shocked to see me sitting at the jewelry bench Thursday evening, as I haven't made any new jewelry pieces since prepping for Market Days last December! As my last minute procrastination usually does, it kicked in this week with the Springtime Tallahassee Arts Jubilee looming April 6. You would probably laugh if you could see the disaster area that lies just outside the frame of this photo. I still haven't quite cleaned up from unpacking my Artful Journey supplies, and there are remnants are various projects EVERYWHERE, evidence of my easily distracted nature.

This week, I've made a couple books, found ways to use up the scraps on my book table, prepped two book covers, and completed a couple art journal pages. How this was helping me prep for Springtime, to which I'm only bringing my jewelry this year, has escaped me, but I'm sure there's a reason there somewhere. I just finished this bracelet this morning and have added it to the pile I started creating Thursday. I hope to have a few more bracelets and several new necklace pieces done by the time I hit the road next Friday!

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Kerri said...

ah!!! i'm sure you're making a beautiful mess. good lucky! :)