Sharing a Little Easter Fun

Easter 13-72
Sarah and Olivia enjoying the lake
I don't have much extended family, so I'm blessed that Benny does, and many of them are right here in Jacksonville. Every Easter, everyone gathers down at the lake house on Lake Geneva near Keystone Heights. I'm so thankful that this gang has accepted me as one of their own and so happy my girls can grow up knowing all these cousins.
Easter 32-72
Lily loving the tire swing
Even though the lake was pretty darn cold, that didn't stop the kids from swimming. There's also a great tire swing, which I must have pushed the girls on for at least half the day because I'm STILL sore from it! I've also become the official family photographer, so I enjoy taking pictures of everyone, especially the kids. This year, we finally took a large group photo. Had this been planned, of course, I would have brought my wide angle lens, but as it was, I made due with the one lens I brought with me: a 55-200mm telephoto! It's perfect for catching sneaky shots of the kids, but to get the big group shot, I used a ladder placed about 100 feet from the group! Next year, I'll bring my wide angle!

Easter 26-72
The whole gang!  About two-thirds of this group are cousins!
I hope those of you that celebrate Easter had a joyful holiday! 

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