Spiral Journal Spread 8: Rod Stewart

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To those that know me really, really well and have known me for a really, really long time, this will come as no secret, but for the rest of you, here it is: I have been obsessed with Rod Stewart since middle school. There, I've said it! I can't remember where I came across this picture, but I cut it out during one of the our magazine cutting sessions the girls and I have every now and then.  I just had to have it! 

I've seen Rod in concert at least 10 times now. I never miss him if he's nearby. Obviously that hasn't been very often in recent years, but if you've never been to a Rod Stewart concert, I'll tell you one of the neatest things he does.  Being a Brit, Rod is a soccer fan and he was quite the soccer player in his day (yes, I know this about him...I even know his birthday...is that creepy?  It's January 10, 1945, so that means he's exactly 18 days older than my father...but still...) so back to soccer... About half way through every Rod Stewart concert I've ever been to, he takes some time to kick soccer balls out into the audience. And let me tell you, he can get some air.  Even in his sixties, he's still kicking out soccer balls.  One of my funniest concert memories was in 1984.  I was going to see him with my friend Denise.  I showed up at Denise's house with my hair all spiked up like Rod still wears his today.  Hey, it was 1984!  Big hair was in in the 80's!  It was hysterical.  I bet Denise still remembers that moment too.

So this page, my friends, is my tribute to my dear Rod, silly as it may be.  So come on, now it's your turn to confess. Who's your favorite 80's icon?  Tell me in the comments! You can see more of my art journal pages here.

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Denise Greenlee said...

Yes my dear friend, I DEFINITELY remember our Rod Stewart concerts. In fact, you ARE the one who got me liking Rod the bod! ;-) We certainly wore out those Rod Stewart cassette tapes on our many road trips!! Scott and I went to the last concert he had here in Jacksonville. A soccer ball landed two rows behind us. Sooo close! I was looking for you that night - I just knew you would be there. Great memories!! d :-)