Best Shot Monday: Wild Daisy

Wild Daisy

Don't you love the wild flowers of summer? This wild daisy grows in a pot on our back deck. As I've shared here, here and here, I have a soft spot for daisies. We can't really grow anything in the ground in the backyard because the ground is too salty, and when we get super high tides, the backyard is filled with salt water.  So we have pots and pots and pots of things all over the deck: daisies, hibiscus, datil peppers, tomatoes, more datil peppers, and some purple flowers I can't name at the moment!    Benny is a datil pepper connoisseur and grows them every summer, eating them fresh of the plant and making them into hot sauce. Me, I'm not much of a pepper girl, and particularly not datils, but I've many a friend who asks for Benny's hot sauce! 

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Lisa Graham said...

I love daisy's and your beautiful photo here with the soft green background is so soothing to look at.

Happy Monday!