The Moments: Day 11

Life on the river sometimes means the river in the backyard.  #riverlife #river #water #themomentschallenge 
"Follow the river and you will find the sea." ~ French Proverb 

I came home to the river once again in the backyard today. This isn't highly unusual on full-moon high tides, but we are eight days away from the full moon, so I was a little surprised to see this today. And yes it's very true that if you follow this river, you will find the sea, oh, about four miles away as the crow flies.  I have been blessed to live no more than 45 minutes away from the beach my entire life.  I am a Florida water-baby through and through with my family roots in the Florida Keys.

Jump in on Daisy Yellow's The Moments challenge and share a moment from your day every day in October. It's reminding me that photos don't have to be perfect to capture an every day moment.


Quiltin' Mama said...

So the river goes up and down regularly? Must make life interesting. I have lived all my life 45 min or less from Lake Ontario or Erie . . . or the Atlantic, but I have not been to Florida in 30 years and never to the Keys.

Kelly Warren said...

Yep, the river here is very tidal. We normally have about a 6' variance, but super high tides like these are more like 8-10. It gets a little crazy at times!