The Moments: Day 17, A View of the Creek

The view from Chowder Ted's this morning, about 75 yards from my house.  #sunrise #water #marsh #themomentschallenge

"Poets who know no better rhapsodize about the peace of nature, but a well-populated marsh is a cacophony." ~ Bern Keating

Caught this shot this morning from the parking lot of Chowder Ted's, the world's best seafood dive, which just happens to be less than a football field away from my house. This is Brown's Creek, which branches off the St. John's River which you saw here.  We eat at Ted's at least twice a month. And we kayak deep back into Brown's Creek from our dock. If this were low tide, you'd see a sandbar out there, the perfect place to pull the kayaks up and hunt for hermit crabs near the marsh.

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Quiltin' Mama said...

Interesting - about the river/creek, tidal pools . . . wonder what is the same/different as what we see in Maine/Cape Cod . . . Hermit crabs yes, Horseshoe crabs, Fiddlercrabs, clams, sometimes starfish - if we are near clams. Shells are few. Scallops, slipper, periwinkle, mussels.