The Moments: Day 22, Painted Deli Paper

Painted up deli paper on my workbench. #art #artjournaling #painting #color #themomentschallenge

I use deli paper between the pages of my art journal when I'm working in it to try to at least keep a little bit of my mess from getting onto pages I've already finished. I'll reuse a piece until it's pretty much cover and I end up with some pretty neat papers.  I love painted deli paper! This piece has been sitting on my workbench. I actually backprinted a stencil onto it and then painted it. Not sure what I'll do with it as I kinda like it just the way it is!

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Dori Patrick said...

This really caught my eye! I've ended up collaging my waxed paper into my artwork, after it serves its protective purpose! FUN!