iHanna Postcard Swap: Time to Share!

I've finally gotten around to scanning the postcards I received in iHanna's swap! I've only received nine, so hopefully there's one more to come out there. You can see the pile of cards I created to send out here.  Enjoy!
iHanna swap from Brenda Leonard
From Brenda Leonard
iHanna swap from Valerie Kemp
From Valerie Kemp

iHanna swap from Jana Bodin
From Jana Bodin

iHanna swap from Patricia
From Patricia

iHanna swap from Marissa Vidrio
From Marissa Vidrio

iHanna swap from Laura Marschall
From Laura Marschall

iHanna swap from Cathy Peterson
From Cathy Peterson

iHanna swap from Jen
From Jen

iHanna swap from Hagit
From Hagit


iHanna said...

Thanks Kelly, what a nice pile of postcards that is! I've still to do a post on my received postcards but I hope to get to it soon.

Have a great December!

Melody said...

Very nice! My grandma had S&H stamps.

Quiltin' Mama said...

They are beautiful and so different form the set I received. I have yet to post the ones I received but I have hung them in a doorway as an "artist " gallery display since the Christmas cards are up and there will be lots of visitors. Its fascinating just how unique each persons art is. Part of why I enjoy art and being creative. Happy Holidays!!