Best Shot Monday: Friends and Strangers Project, Cathie

Next up for my Friends and Strangers project is the lovely Cathie Lambert!  I've met some amazing people since I started volunteering with Animal Care and Protective Services (ACPS) nearly two years ago now, and Cathie is one of them. Cathie and I actually "met" on Facebook and became Facebook friends before we finally met in person at the shelter. We were both regular visitors to the Friends of Jacksonville Animals (FOJA) page, and she regularly commented on my pictures and added comments about the personalities of the dogs she'd personally interacted with.  She quickly became one of the biggest supporters of my shelter photography. 

It took a while before we finally ended up at the shelter at the same time on the same day, and when we finally did, of course we recognized each other immediately!  Since then Cathie has stepped up to lead our Sunday Funday program to much success.  On Sundays, the shelter is closed to the public and minimal staff are there, so the dogs don't get out for a walk and the cats don't get cuddled.  FOJA, the non-profit that supports ACPS, started Sunday Funday to solve that program.  Each Sunday a large group of volunteers comes to the shelter to ensure all the dogs are walked, all the cats are cuddled, and all dogs and cats in adoptions are photographed.  Cathie and I worked the same run yesterday, so while she and another volunteer brought the dogs outside for a walk, I photographed each one. This is Cathie with Peanut.  Isn't she adorable!?  And I'm referring to both Peanut AND Cathie!  Thanks for all you do for our animal friends, Cathie!

You can follow the FOJA Facebook page here, and follow the ACPS Facebook page here.  See more of my Friends and Strangers project here