Best Shot Monday: Caught in the Act

Caught in the Act Butts 
I love cows. Can't resist them. (And no, I'm not a vegetarian.) I had a meeting in Tallahassee on Friday, and there's a great cow pasture just east of Tallahassee. Those cows are always very curious. When I was cruising by Thursday evening, the girls and I squealed with delight, "Look at the butts!" So I turned around and went back to photograph the butts.

After I had taken a few shots, this one cow turned around and stared me down (below), just like she was saying, "Why the heck are you taking pictures of our butts? Do you find our butts funny?" It made me think of a stupid joke my husband likes to tell: "Why do you never see a cow with a bobbed tailed? ..... Because the sun would shine up her butt and spoil the milk!" Ba da boom!
 Caught in the Act

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Fannie said...

Awesome photos, Kelly! Thanks for the giggles. Hope you're well. You are loved.