The Documented Life: Challenge 13

Things have been a little more hectic than usual around the Happy Shack this week since I have an arts festival this weekend. If you are in the North Florida/South Georgia area, come see me at the Glynn Arts Arts in the Park on St. Simon's Island!  I'll be selling my jewelry in this show, so I've been spending this week and last at the jewelry bench.  The girls and I have a little catching up to do on our Documented Life project, but I wanted to share Challenge 13 with you today.
week 13-kelly by sarah

This was really fun, because the challenge was to let someone else doing something in your journal!  For mine, my tip in for the week was a piece of a jelly print I created, so Sarah added to one side (above) and Olivia added to the other (below).  I love having little pieces of their art in my book!

week 13-kelly by liv
week 13-liv by kelly
Olivia picked one of the sample pages from a couple new paper packs I picked up and used that as her background on one side.  From there she turned it over to me (above).  After I finished my side of Livvie's page, Sarah completed the back side (below). I love that Sarah added the "my buddy" scrap for her sister. 

week 13-liv by sarah

week 13-sarah by kelly

And lastly, Sarah used the same process as Livvie, using the sample page from one of my paper packs. Above is the page that I finished for her, and below is the page that Livvie finished for her.  We've really been enjoying this process, and I've loved that the girls have been occasionally taking their books to school with them to show their friends and teachers.  You can still get involved by checking out the details here!  
 week 13-sarah by liv

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