2015 Documented Life Project: Weeks 1-3, Sarah

Last year, both my redheads started out doing the Documented Life Project with me. They got through about week 13 and then lost interest. Olivia's discovered she really doesn't like paint, so lately she's been using markers and colored pencils and has fallen in love with a series of advanced coloring pages by Thaneeya McArdle. I'm happy to just see her art-ing in some fashion!
Cover Sarah-72

Sarah's tackling the DLP project with me this year. She's decided she's going to do just the pages she wants when she wants, and that's fine! I'm glad she's giving it another shot! She was super excited to do her cover (above) after watching Roben-Marie's videos in the Cover Story class.

Week 1-Sarah-72

Above is Sarah's Week 1 "book pages" challenge. I like to see the little light bulb go off over her head when she gets an idea and tries a suggestion I give her.

Week 2-Sarah-72

For Week 2's gesso challenge, Sarah coated her pages with gesso before using water color crayons to draw a sunrise. The sunrise was inspired by week's quote, "The beginning is always today," by Mary Shelly.

Week 3-Sarah-72

Sarah's Week 3 color wheel was also done with water color crayons. (Can you tell she's fallen in love with my water color crayons?) The quote is her own. Hopefully we'll spend in a little time in the studio today working on our journals! Get all the details of this project from the Art to the 5th gals here!

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