2015 Documented Life Project: Weeks 1-4

Sarah and I are doing the 2015 Documented Life Project: The Journal. I so enjoyed my 2014 Documented Life Project that I figured I'd keep on rolling. This year's journal is much larger, about 9 x 12 closed, so a two page spread is about 18 x 12! That's big! Here are my first four weeks. I'll post Sarah's later this weekend.
Week Pre-Kelly-a-72

This page (above and below) was not a challenge page but I didn't want to leave the first page blank! This is the very first opening and covers January 1-4. I included a thought to keep me focused for the year: "Have the courage to take the leap." Given that I've lept into a new job and my family will all be moving to a new town in 2015, I thought that was just what I needed.

Week Pre-Kelly-72

Week 1-Kelly-72
Week 1's challenge was "book pages" (above and below). I love old children's books so I dug into my stash and pulled out these pages. I think I'll make a book out of the covers! Part of this week's challenge was to write down our goals, so mine are tucked in that envelope on the right.

Week 1-Kelly-a-72

Week 2-Kelly-72

Week 2's challenge was "gesso" (above and below). So much we could do with this! I like how this year's challenges are a bit more wide open. I used gesso as the center to some flowers. This page includes so many different "stooofs," as Sarah would say (her word for stuff). I used paint, ink sprays, water color crayons, gelatos and gesso! Another new thing this year is the addition of a guiding quote. I included the quote in the close up below: "The beginning is always today," by Mary Shelly.
  Week 2-Kelly-a-72

Week 3-Kelly-72

Week 3's challenge was "colorwheel" (above and below). First, I cut some circles from ledger paper and then stamped on top of them and glued them on the page. Then, I used a sunburst stencil to give me a base and then colored in the rays with gelatos and water color crayons for the color wheel. I added in some pen work and gave it an overall wash with linen destress ink and matte varnish.

Week 3-Kelly-a-72

Week 4-Kelly-72 
Week 4's challenge was "your handwriting" (above and below). This was a tough one initially for me because, like most people I think, I hate my handwriting. So I decided to keep it underneath! I wrote out a poem a wrote a few years ago and then added inks and a little stenciling. The poem references the stars so I cut stars out of watercolor pages and glued them in, outlining them with a Stabilo All pencil and water brush (thank you Roben-Marie!). This is definitely my favorite page so far! You can see the poem here.

Week 4-Kelly-a-72

Again this year, this project is free! I really enjoy having a weekly challenge (no matter how far behind I usually am!). Check out the project on the Art to the 5th blog here. These ladies are great fun and inspiration! See my 2014 Documented Life Project wrap-up here.

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