A Week in the Life: Sunday Gratitude

Sarah and Pete 
Time for a little Sunday Gratitude. This week brought a little less travel, thankfully nothing more than my regular trip to Tallahassee. On these weeks, I work from home in Jacksonville on Monday and Friday, and then head to Tallahassee after I get the girls on the bus Tuesday morning. I try to get back home by 7:30pm or 8pm Thursday evening. Even though these weeks aren't as hectic, they are a bit lonely when I'm in our Tallahassee house by myself.

Monday I had hoped to get into the shelter, but the man upstairs had other plans. The girls' bus was very late, so late that we finally gave up and I drove them to school. Then when I tried to zip through McDonald's for my morning sweet tea fix (half cut, extra ice), the visit was far from zippy as things were backed up in the kitchen. By the time I got through there and stopped to get gas, I realized it was going to be after 10am by the time I got to the shelter, with playgroup in full swing. I love playgroup, but it's hard to get the dogs to focus on me for their glamour shot when they'd much rather be playing with their pals! I ended up spending a couple hours with Benny working on things for his dad's house renovation before getting back to the emails awaiting me for work.

An average day in Tallahassee Tuesday ended with a very sweet call from my Sarah, shown here with my handsome Spartacus Pete. Sarah called to tell me about the anti-bullying project she and her friend Debi are starting. They have a friend who is being bullied and decided it was time to do something about it. Some of the flyers they've created say "Don't just stand there! Help out and stop bullying!," "Life is made of choices. Bullying isn't one of them," and "Love others, try harder in school. Don't be a bully; it will come back to you!"

Wednesday night was just as sweet when Olivia called me to ask for help with an essay she was writing. When I asked her what the topic was, she said she was writing about her hero. And her hero was me. :-) I am so blessed by these sweet girls of mine. I had a ton of work to finish up Thursday before I could head home so it was a late night before I finally got home.

Friday Benny hit the road to pick up some furniture for our Tallahassee house, so the girls and I had the weekend to ourselves.  I had a major report to write, so I tried the "Maybe if I'm doing 'homework,' the girls will be more interested in doing their homework," method, and it worked! We took breaks here and there to play and run errands, but it was a very productive weekend hanging out with my girls.  And I finished my report!  That's gratitude!  How about you? What has you feeling grateful this week?

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