Best Shot Monday: Finding our New "Normal"

Wow, I can't believe it's been a month since I've found time to pop in here. August has rushed by like a whirlwind, starting with back-to-back travel for work followed by our official move to Tallahassee in mid-August and the girls starting in their new school. I captured this shot this past Friday, on the last day of their second week of class. We had a rough start as expected, but they seem to be adjusting pretty well now. They've made friends on the bus, in their classes and in the neighborhood. One of Mama and Daddy's biggest adjustments has been the girls' ability to just run out the front door and hop on their bikes for a while. They are loving their new-found freedom to do that; Benny and I are still accepting it!

The adjustment is still on-going for the adults in the family. Benny is adjusting to life as a retired, stay-at-home dad, driving around town exploring and just trying to learn how to navigate this new life we are living. Though we are still keeping him pretty busy around the house, I know the day will soon come when the girls and I run out of projects for him and then the true test will come! I'm envisioning lots of fishing trips back home. I finally finished unpacking my art and jewelry studio yesterday...unpacked but not yet organized. That's my next step, and I really need to get it done as having no art or jewelry play time has really been wearing on me. I need that outlet.

I've now technically been in my new role going on nine months now, yet this whole adventure still feels very surreal. I never thought being back in my college town would feel so odd, but I suppose it's the realization that I'm no longer just visiting now that the girls have started school here. Though we are still essentially living in two places, going home to Jacksonville as often as we can, I do miss home. I also really miss being on campus and working with students daily; that's truly what I miss most in my new role.  I've certainly had my challenges with some of the issues I've inherited in my new position, but I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and hope to have those issues behind me soon, able to fully start fresh with my leadership of the organization. I'm also desperately missing my volunteer time at the shelter, but I haven't had time to visit the shelter here to get set up as a volunteer.  On my list of things to do!  Hopefully once we start getting in to that same sort of groove here, we'll start to feel a little more acclimated. Every night, I continue to say the same prayer: "Lord, please help us continue to successfully make this transition." Whether or not it will ever feel "normal," we'll just have to wait and see. 

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Jill Eudaly said...

Life changes seem to be the theme today. I too have been away from blog land. Today I posted about our family life going thru changes. I also dropped in on another blogger who also posted about family members moving and changes. We are all going forward, that's a good thing! I know you will master all the changes and live in happiness. Have a great day!