Best Shot Monday: Kyle and Violet


Meet the amazing Kyle, above! There were no dogs that needed photos on Friday, so I tackled the cats again. Boy, if I didn't already have two cats at home, Kyle would have come home with me Friday afternoon. He was such a dream! So sweet and affectionate, and so adorable! After I took his photo, he started reaching for my shoulder, so I bent down a bit and let him crawl aboard.  My Pete is a shoulder cat.  Kyle would have been happy for me to just stay that way for a while so he could just sit on my shoulders and let the other volunteers admire him. I knew he'd be adopted quickly, and sure enough, he was adopted this weekend.


Sweet little Violet, above, was in the cat kennel next to Kyle. She's also very affectionate and a little more rambunctious than the laid-back Kyle. And she's still available for adoption at the City of Tallahassee Animal Service Center!

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